Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I practice extra, if I feel that I am lacking?

    Yes you can. You can utilise your free time to practice. However please check with the officials to find out the time slots during which the Computers are free. There is no extra charge for it.
  • What is the duration of each class?

    For Economy Course the duration will be 3 months with weekly 3 Days classes. For Professional Course the duration will be 3.5 months with weekly 3 Days classes. And finally for Expert Course the duration will be 4.5 months with weekly 3 Days classes.
  • What is the course pre-requisite ?

    Well, we start from basic to advance level, so you don't have to have previous knowledge in this, but it is plus point if have basic computer knowledge , Coding knowledge
  • Is there an Test/Exam?

    We commit for quality training, so students have also role to complete all assignment and previous classes in order to complete successful training. So we can take some test/exam depends upon batch students progress.
  • Do you provide live projects for practical trainings?

    Yes, 100 % commitment to provide practical training. We use to provide training in a project from begining of classes. So main session of training will be spent in project.
  • If I am facing some problem in any task/project after training completion, can you assist me?

    Yes, we use to assist you in future also, you can send email, directly call us or in any major problem in project you can visit here. We will give you hint/clarify for the task.
  • I am looking to become good freelancer, do you assist me how to become good freelancer and get online projects?

    Yes in our class session, we use to give tips and tricks on freelance, so that any students looking to build his/her career in freelance have good knowledge. We also provide tips where, how to bid on any project.